Swimming pool drowning is something that no parent should ever take lightly. Sadly, unintentional drownings end fatally because either a pool owner failed to have a barrier between a child and the pool or a child was not supervised closely.

Drowning accidents have taken the lives of nearly 1,000 children in the United States (CDC, 2017). There has been an average of 3,536 fatal accidental drownings annually from 2005-2014 — that is equivalent to 10 deaths daily. These statistics are devastating!

On the positive, your child does not have to become a statistic.

Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

Installing a mesh pool fence or a removable pool fence from Safe Solutions of New England is a proven safety barrier that helps block small children and pets from entering the pool area.

Unlike industry-standard aluminum and wooden pool fences, mesh fences have a premium layer of protection against toddler drowning. It is impossible for an adult to tear up a mesh pool fence with his/her bare hands, and for children to climb.

Having a mesh fence installed can beautify a backyard instantly. Plus, it’s easy to remove and reinstall in the event you move.

Pool Safety Products & Services in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Our swimming pool fence installation services include:

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    About Our Mesh Pool Fence

    Were you aware Life Saver mesh pool fences are considered the #1 choice for parents?

    Here are a few good reasons why:

    • Textilene® mesh with its strength rating of 387 lbs per square inch will provide years of use in all weather conditions.
    • The strongest marine thread is used to reinforce essential sections of the fence around your pool. It also has QuadStitch bordering.
    • UV Resistant parts help protect your pool fence from sun damage.
    • Pool Gates offer Self-Latching and Self-Closing options. Small children cannot unlock.
    • Triple-Reinforced Solid Poles are the strongest and surpass local safety requirements.
    • Easy to remove, store and use for another pool when you move.

    Additionally, our pool fences come in an assortment of colors such as brown, white, copper vein, black, hunter green, and tan.

    Pool Fence

    Our pool fences are designed not only to protect your pool from unauthorized people from entering your pool or wildlife, but a mesh fence is also an excellent choice for toddlers, elderly people or those who have disabilities. It prevents them from entering your pool area without adequate supervision. Plus, it prevents accidental drownings and pool accident injuries!

    Self-Closing, Self-Latching Pool Gates

    A pool gate is a great way to keep your kids safe while they are playing in your backyard. With our robust pool gates, it is impossible for young children to reach over and open automatically, it's also impossible for them to unlock. In addition, unlike many standard fences out there, small children cannot crawl underneath or squeeze their little bodies through the gate.

    Small children and pets cannot climb over the fence because there’s nothing to grasp. Our self-latching and self-closing feature means that you can’t accidentally leave the pool gate door open for your children or someone else’s child to slip through.

    Currently, our pool gates come in arched and square shape.

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    Life Saver Pool Fence Color Options

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