Homeowners in Strafford County, New Hampshire with pools in their backyards should have a pool fence installed in their home to protect their families from the potential dangers of a pool.  A pool safety barrier is one of the most important safety measures you can install to protect your children, elderly family members, and even pets. Not only is a pool safety fence an important safety feature, homeowners with pools in their New Hampshire backyards are also required to adhere to statewide and local pool barrier requirements in order to reduce the risk of accidental drownings.

As a New Hampshire homeowner it’s important to do everything you can to make your backyard safe and free of potential dangers. This includes doing an audit of the safety of your backyard and implementing multiple layers of protection in your home. Safety measures to consider installing in your home to make it childproof include a mesh pool fence, a pool cover, pool and door alarms with audible alarms, safety nets, swim lessons for your children, and water survival training.

In New Hampshire, including Strafford County, residential swimming pools are required to be enclosed by a barrier that is at least 48 inches high and has a maximum gap of 2 inches between the bottom of the barrier and the ground. The fence should be a solid barrier and must not have any openings. The barrier must also have an access gate that is accommodated with a locking device, is self-latching, and opens outward away from the pool.

At Safe Solutions of New England, we can help you take the necessary steps to ensure these safety requirements have been met.

The team at Safe Solutions of New England is ready to install a removable mesh pool safety fence in your home that will make your backyard a safer place for your family. Click here or call us at (877) 606-7233 to schedule a FREE estimate today.

Protect Your Family From The Dangers of Accidental Drownings

Even if you are the most vigilant parent, having a pool in your backyard creates immediate danger to your family. Drowning tends to be both quick and silent, meaning you cannot rely on your own ability to protect your children since a drowning can occur in just seconds. If you have young children in your home, you need to take action today to ensure your pool is secured and have a pool safety barrier installed.

Many homeowners don’t realize that a pool without a fence around it actually poses more of a danger to your children than a loaded gun. In fact, the CDC reports that drowning is responsible for killing more children ages 1-4 years than any other cause of death with the exception of birth defects. Furthermore, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that approximately one in five people who die from drowning are children under the age of 14.

There is where Safe Solutions of New England comes in. We can provide homeowners in New Hampshire with the safest child safety pool fence available on the market, and you can have it installed in your home in no time!

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    Benefits of A Life Saver Pool Fence

    When shopping for your new pool fencing, it’s important that you search for and install a fence that is going to provide a high level of safety for your family and not just one that looks visually appealing.

    While there are many fences available for purchase that may look attractive or decorative, they often don’t provide the level of safety and security a Life Saver pool fence provides. Pool fences from Life Saver are the strongest removable mesh fence homeowners can buy, while still being an attractive addition to your yard’s aesthetic.

    The near transparent mesh we use allows parents and caretakers to keep an eye on your children while they are using the pool. Our fences are also strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions including snowy New England winters! Every component of our mesh pool fence is strong and durable including our shatterproof patented pool poles and our nearly indestructible pool fence mesh, and as a bonus our fences are all backed by our limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

    Another important factor you need when shopping for a new fence is who is the company installing your pool fence. At Safe Solutions, we only use and hire the best and highest-quality trained installers working on your installation from start to finish.

    Our pool fence installers in Strafford, NH are the best-trained in the industry and are required to attend yearly training and attend safety seminars provided by our parent company to ensure they are familiar with our products, installation techniques, and new product upgrades. When you buy a Life Saver Pool Fence you can be assured you are getting the safest fence and the highest quality installers.

    You Have The Option To Customize Your Pool Fence

    Life Saver Pool Fence

    We only sell one grade of fence for swimming pools which is the safest around. However, our pool fences are available in a variety of colors and heights. Homeowners have the option of customizing both the color of the mesh used and poles to match their yard’s aesthetic. Additionally, if you need sea wall fencing to protect your waterfront property, our team can install this type of fencing as well.

    Our Life Saver Pool Fence Installation Process in Strafford County, NH

    At Safe Solutions of New England, we understand you may need or want to have your new pool safety fence installed quickly. For this reason, we do everything we can to schedule your installation as quickly as possible starting from the moment you contact us.

    After contacting us for your free estimate, we will arrange to come to your home where you will show us how and where you want your fence to run. We will take measurements and discuss your available options like the fence’s height and color, and if you want to install any upgrades for your pool fence. From there, we will send you an estimate containing everything that was discussed during your consultation. Once you are satisfied with the estimate, we will schedule your installation date.

    If you are unable to have us come to your home to do your estimate in many cases, we can use Google Earth to conduct your estimate.

    The pool fence installation in Strafford will only take a few hours which means you will have your new mesh pool fencing installed in no time and can begin to enjoy your pool and backyard safely.


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    As of the 2019 estimate, the population of Strafford consisted of 123,143 residents. It is home to many local attractions including the Bow Lake, Blue Job Mountain, Halfmoon Lake, Northwood Lake, Pleasant Lake NH, Baxter Lake, Parker Mountain NH, Wild Goose Pond, and Isinglass River Conservation Reserve.

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