If you are a homeowner with a swimming pool in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, it is important that you take measures to protect your family from the dangers of drowning by installing a pool fence around your pool. Homeowners with pools in their backyards are required to adhere to statewide safety barrier requirements which are meant to reduce the risk of accidental home drownings.

When many people think about the second leading cause of death among children, one of the first things that comes to mind are car accidents. Actually, it is not. The second leading cause of death among children ages 1-4 are drowning accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In Massachusetts including Longmeadow, residential swimming pools are required to be enclosed by a fence that is at least 4 feet high and has a maximum gap of 2 inches between the bottom of the barrier and the ground. The fence should be a solid barrier that is free of openings, indentations or protrusions. For barriers with spaces, the spacing between vertical or diagonal members cannot be greater than 1.75 inches in width and the maximum chain link mesh size is a 2.25 inch square. Any openings in the pool barrier must be smaller than 4 inches in diameter.

As a homeowner, it is important to do everything you can to make your home and backyard is safe for your family to enjoy. Such safety measures to consider includes a pool fence and additional layers of protection such as a pool cover, pool and door alarms, safety nets, and water survival training.

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Protect Your Family From Accidental Drownings with A Life Saver Pool Fence

Regardless of how safe you think your home is, or how vigilant of a caretaker you believe you are, if you have young children in your home it is imperative that you take proactive measures to secure your pool and make sure it is inaccessible to children. The CDC reports that drowning is responsible for killing more children ages 1-4 years than any other cause of death with the exception of birth defects. Furthermore, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that approximately one in five people who die from drownings are children under the age of 14. An unprotected pool is more dangerous to your children than a loaded gun, so it’s important you take the potential threat seriously.

The majority of young children drowning incidents involved a brief interruption in supervision. This can happen to anyone. All it takes is a phone call or an unexpected visitor dropping by to say, hello and before you know it, you’re no longer in pool watch mode.

Oftentimes, people assume that when a child is drowning, they will scream out loud for help. Or, you hear the child struggling and splashing water frantically — that’s not always the case. In fact, a pool drowning can be a silent killer.

So, how does a parent or a pool watch person prevent a pool drowning accident from happening?

You have to always make sure your eyes are glued to the child you’re supervising. You should be within arms length of the child, so that you can rescue him/her without a hitch whenever needed.

Here are a few important things to do to help prevent a child from drowning:

  • Install a removable mesh pool fence from a reputable company like Life Saver Pool Fence of England. Massachusetts swimming pool laws require a protective barrier to be at least 4ft high. Pool gates have to be lockable. All pool locks must be at least 4ft feet from the ground so toddlers and younger children cannot reach them.
  • Make sure to install pool alarms and locks.
  • Assign a designated pool watcher to supervise children. Children should never be left alone unattended in a pool or near a pool. If you need to leave, make sure you assign another adult pool watcher.
  • Make sure the pool patio is clear from any objects, such as toys or swimming equipment.
  • Children should learn how to swim at an early age.
  • Make sure you know CPR, including your babysitter, caregiver, and everyone in your household who will be assigned to watch your children.
  • When a pool is closed, make sure to have a pool cover to prevent children and pets from falling in.

The good news is, we provide homeowners in the area with the safest pool fence available on the market, and you can have it installed in your home in no time! If you are concerned about the safety of young children, and you want a removable fence installed, call (877) 606-7233. We will schedule you for a FREE estimate, and safety evaluation.


The Benefits of A Life Saver Pool Fence

When shopping for a pool fence for your Longmeadow home, you should consider the quality of the fence you are purchasing. A flimsy, weak fence will not protect your family at all, you also need to consider who is installing your fence.  Not only is the Life Saver pool fence is the safest, strongest and most durable pool safety barrier available on the market, but we also have the best and highest-quality trained installers as well.

We ensure that our pool fence installers in Longmeadow are the best-trained in the industry and send them annually to receive training and attend safety seminars provided by our parent company to ensure they are familiar with our products, installation techniques, and new product upgrades.

Furthermore, our fences are strong enough to withstand all kinds of weather conditions including cold, snowy New England winters! Every component of our pool fence is the strongest and most durable available in the industry including our shatterproof patented pool poles and our nearly indestructible pool fence mesh, and as a bonus our fences are all backed by our limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

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    Customize Your Pool Fence, Available in Different Colors!

    Our pool fences are available in a variety of colors, however - we only use one grade of fence - which is the safest pool fence around. The mesh we use is nearly transparent which means it looks great in your yard, but this is also a great safety feature that allows you to keep an eye on your children while they are using the pool. Homeowners have the option of customizing both the color of the mesh used and poles. Whether you need a fence to enclose your pool or require sea wall fencing to protect your waterfront property, our team is standing by ready to help.

    The Life Saver Pool Fence Installation Process

    At Safe Solutions of New England, we understand that many families need to have their new pool fence installed as quickly as possible which is why we do everything we can to install your fence as quickly as possible from the time you first reach out to us.

    After contacting us to receive a free estimate we’ll come to your home, where you will show us where you want your fence to run. We will take measurements and discuss your available options including height and color, and then we’ll send you an estimate containing everything that was discussed during your consultation. Once you’re satisfied, we will schedule your installation date.

    If for any reason you are unable to have us come to your home to do your estimate because you are away or because you are moving into a new home, we can even utilize Google Earth in some cases to conduct your estimate.

    The installation itself only takes a few hours so you can have your new pool fence installed in no time at all!

    If you are a homeowner with a pool in Longmeadow, MA. contact us here today to set up your FREE pool fence estimate or call (877) 606-7233.

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    About Longmeadow, MA

    Longmeadow is a town in Hampden County. According to the 2010 census, the population in Longmeadow was nearly 15,785. Officially incorporated October 17, 1783, Longmeadow was initially settled in 1644.

    Originally, the town was farmland within the bounds of the city of Springfield in Massachusetts. Until the street railway was constructed around 1910, it remained essentially pastoral, when the population tripled in number over a period of fifteen years.

    Longmeadow, during the 19th and early 20th centuries, was renowned as the site from which mining of the Longmeadow brownstone emerged. Including the Neo-Gothic library of Princeton University, several famous American buildings are constructed from Longmeadow brownstone.

    Located in the western part of the state of Massachusetts, Longmeadow is merely south of Springfield, Massachusetts, as it is also bordered by Agawam and the Connecticut River on the west, to the south by Enfield, Connecticut, and to the east by East Longmeadow. Approximately, Longmeadow extends 3 miles north to south, and east to west, 4 miles. Hartford is about 20 miles south of Longmeadow.

    Over 30 percent of Longmeadow is open space permanently. Areas of conservation on the west side of the town entail over 750 acres of land, which borders the Connecticut River.

    Supporting a vast range of wildlife, the area in Longmeadow includes wild turkeys, deer, foxes, eagles, and beavers. The Forest Park in Springfield, at approximately 735 acres, is among the largest city parks in New England, and within the town, forms the northern border.

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