Life Saver Pool Fence New England provides homeowners with the peace of mind with our removable pool fence. They are designed specifically to protect toddlers and young children from swimming pool accidents.

In today’s world it is too easy to become distracted and hence it is impossible to keep your eyes on your children at all times. The risk of leaving unattended children is greater nowhere than around a swimming pool. Life Saver removable pool fences prevent children from accessing the swimming pool yet allow adults to remove the safety fence easily whenever it isn’t needed.

The advantage of having a solid, removable fence cannot be understated. Here are just some examples of how a removable pool safety fence’s versatility makes it the best option for your backyard:

  • Keep it up during the summer months or all year long – even throughout long New England winters! Our safety fences can withstand the test of time and weather!
  • An adult can easily remove a section, several sections or the whole fence in minutes.
  • Remove the pool fence for a longer duration. Small postholes are covered with matching patio caps.
  • We offer several removable pool fence models which can fit all budgets.

Safe Solutions of New England is proud to provide homeowners with small children peace of mind. Our removable mesh pool fence and other temporary pool fence products are designed to safeguard pets and children from drowning.

We only use superior materials, such as ultra-secure poles. Call (877) 606-7233 to request your FREE estimate today!

removable mesh pool fence installations in Massachussets and New England

A removable pool fence is a smart investment!

A removable pool fence is the smartest investment a homeowner with a swimming pool can make. Firstly, it provides a layer of safety for children and pets. Life Saver pool fences meet and exceed all provincial residential swimming pool standards and have been independently tested to show that they are among the highest quality in the industry. Secondly, when a removable pool fence is installed in addition to a backyard fence and other security measures, it will greatly reduce the risk of a serious accident in your home. Finally, the removable pool fence is sectional and can be easily removed by an adult which means you will be able to adjust your fence dependent on your needs.

Removable pool fences add to your home resale value!

When trying to sell a home, real estate professionals say that having a swimming pool can limit the market for it. A removable pool fence helps change that. Since the fence can remain in place year-round, it provides families with young children and pets the security of restricted access to the pool. However, since the fence is easily removed and installed, it can also appeal to a family with older children or empty-nesters with occasionally visiting grandchildren. If you have to sell your home, sell it with the security and flexibility of a removable pool fence from Life Saver Pool Fence New England. Call today for a free evaluation at (877) 606-7233 or email us at

Additionally, we offer the following:

Self-Closing Gates for Pool Fences

Life Saver also offers self-closing, self-latching pool gates with optional radius top. We offer two styles of pool safety gates -  the Arched and Standard Flat gate. They are tied securely for extra-strength adding another layer of protection.

The gate hinges are closure adjustable, and the gate can be locked by a key. You can choose to have the gate to close slowly or quickly. You still get a secure close minus the loud clanking noise.

Pool Corral Fence

How does a pool corral stand apart from other types of fences? It has an X core aluminum reinforcement, which is strengthened by powder coated color-matched components, and aluminum.

This durable fence is considered one of the most affordable pool fences. The fence is available in black or brown (48″ height), and it has a 100 Year Warranty and a 50 lb ‘break strength’.

Pool Barrier

This type of pool is a Y-core reinforced aluminum — available in black or brown (48″ inches) with 10 lbs break strength.

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We know what it’s like to have a sense of relief when a child is safe and secure. This can only be made possible when you have a well-built removable pool fence installed.

To schedule your FREE pool safety evaluation and for a quote, call (877) 606-7233. We provide fast installation and top-notch support.