Home Swimming Pool Rules

Having a Life Saver Pool Fence is a great way to make your swimming pool safer, but here are some home swimming pool rules to follow to make it even safer! This list will ensure your whole family has a safe, fun season by the pool.

  1. There must always be adult supervision (by an adult who can swim) in order for children to be allowed in the pool.
  2. Keep a portable or cellular telephone near the pool in case of emergency.
  3. There should be at least one adult family member who knows CPR and first-aid.
  4. Use of the pool is forbidden when there is lightning or thunder.
  5. No running around the swimming pool.
  6. Keep large floating toys that can block your view out of the pool.
  7. Keep the areas around the pool free of clutter.
  8. Teach all children to swim as early as possible.
  9. Children who do not know how to swim must wear a flotation device at all times when around the pool.
  10. Never allow young children to dive into the pool.
  11. Install pool lights for night vision or no swimming after dark if there are no lights.
  12. Remove vacuums and other tools from the pool before swimming.
  13. Lock pool chemicals away from the pool.
  14. Never allow glass near on in the pool.
  15. Never allow extension cords or other electricity sources near the pool.
  16. Ensure that your Life Saver New England swimming pool fence is properly installed, the pool gates are closed and that the fence and gates are in good, working condition.
  17. ALWAYS keep your removable pool fence in place. Only remove pool fencing for maintenance.