The installation of a pool safety fence is as important as the quality of the fence itself. While there are many different methods in the industry, Safe Solutions of New England follow the Life Saver trained method. A method recognized as the standard in removable swimming pool safety fence installation:

Wet Core Drilling

The wet core drill is critical to getting precise, clean holes drilled into the deck without chipping or damaging the deck itself. Our factory-trained installers also know how to compensate for turns and radiuses, ensuring a tight, sharp-looking pool safety fence every time.

Custom Cuts and Rebordering

It is rare that we can install a pool fence using only the 15-foot sections without any modifications. Typically, every job has at least one cut to meet the specific installation length. We add border material to any cut to provide the safety fence the necessary strength and for it to have a factory finish.

Concrete Footers

In order to provide a solid foundation to the fence, concrete footers are used when going into earth. We always dig deep enough to get below the frost line to prevent future shifting and moving.

Wood deck Supports

The strength of the material to the foundation of the pool safety fence is key. Wood decks often need to be strengthened to ensure high tensile ratings. We add wood blocking to provide the necessary support.

Earth Sleeves

When installing on brick pavers, longer sleeves are used in order to go through the brick and into the earth below. This prevents the brick from lifting if the fence is hit with heavy force.

Professional Swimming Pool Safety Fence Installers

Safe Solutions of New England has been installing Life Saver Pool Fence for 10 years. We have built a reputation for being reliable, professional swimming pool safety fence installers. We are fully insured through the IAFCS, are completely committed to the Life Saver 100 year warranty and we stand behind all of our installations. Our number 1 priority is your family’s safety.

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