When you own a home located along the Atlantic Ocean, the last thing you want is to block your ocean view with barrier or safety fencing. A water view is likely one of the reasons you purchased an oceanfront home in the first place and is part of what makes your home so desirable. While a fence is a necessary barrier for safety purposes, you likely would prefer a fence that can help maintain the aesthetic of your property.

If you are a homeowner of a waterfront property and either need to have a seawall fence installed to keep your kids or pets in and intruders out, Safe Solutions of New England offers seawall mesh safety fence installations. Not only do we install mesh pool safety fences, but we also install fences on top of seawalls. We are able to install fences into nearly any type of surface. During your on-site estimate, we will go over your seawall or safety barrier fence needs and concerns to ensure your home and property is as secure as possible.

As a homeowner in New England, safety must be your top priority, especially if you have young children in your home. If you own a pool, you may have already installed a pool safety barrier to prevent accidental drownings, however a seawall fence to provide a layer of protection from the ocean is just as important. If you have a child-free home but have pets, you should also consider having a seawall fencing installed to prevent your pets from accidentally wandering away without your supervision and drowning in the ocean.

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Why Choose A Lifesaver Seawall Mesh Fence

Our removable mesh safety fencing has proven itself time and again for over 30 years in tens of thousands of homes to be the safest, most convenient layer of protection against the dangers any body of water can pose to your family – even an ocean. Additionally, Life Saver Pool Fence’s mesh fencing is an easily removable safety barrier and is a breeze to set up, making preparations for entertaining easier than ever.

Installing a safety fence will help to keep everyone in your family safe from any possible incidents in the body of water that borders your property. When it comes to protecting your family and preventing them from gaining access to the water, a Life Saver mesh pool fence is your best option.

Our fences are strong and durable and they look great too! Life Saver seawall fences come in many different color options including black, white, green, tan and brown, which can be coordinated to match your yard’s decor and aesthetic. You can also choose to match or accent your fence, depending on the color poles you choose to have installed. Additionally, our near-transparent mesh has 96% visibility which means you can retain the beauty of your pool and landscaping while still providing an effective layer of protection.

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