Can I leave the fence up all year round?

Yes you can leave the fence up year round, it is guaranteed to weather the winter. In fact, we recommend that you do, if your winter cover may be at all compromised.

What do I do with the holes when I take the fence down?
The fence comes with caps for the sleeves, so dirt and debris does not build up in the sleeves when the fence is not up. You can even purchase solar caps to create a lighted pathway.

How strong is the fence?

We guarantee the fence if you fall into it, not if a tree falls into it.

How tall is the fence?

The fence comes in standard heights of 3.5, 4 and 5 feet. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a 4 foot high fence, so therefore we keep the 4 foot high fence in stock.

What is the most transparent color?

Black is the most "see-thru". Black absorbs the light, not reflects it. That is why screens on windows are black. Therefore, we keep the black fence in stock.

How long does it take to install?

99% of the time the fence is installed in 1 day.

What makes this fence safer than other fences? 

Since it is mesh, a child cannot get a “toe hold” on the fence to climb up. There isn’t anything ridgid on the top of the fence that a child can grab onto to boost themselves over.  We have the strongest poles on the market that stand up to rambunctious children.

What is the best way to store the fence?

We recommend standing it up in a 55-gallon trash can on wheels. This makes it easy to transport. The corner of a garage is a great place.

Is the fence easy to take down?

Depending on the size of your pool, generally you can take down/put back up the entire fence in 20-25 minutes. The fence comes in 15-foot sections, so if you are having a party, you can just take down a couple of sections and open up one side of the pool.

How strong is your fence?

Seriously, it’s the strongest fence in the industry and it’s built to last. We have even seen it literally stand up to bears. Give us a call for details. Or watch it on Facebook:

Does it come with a pool gate?

We always recommend a gate. Our gate is on spring loaded hinges and closes automatically.  A self-closing pool gate makes it more convenient, and therefore safer, to go in and out of the pool area. You can even key lock our gate.