Pool gates are the most important parts of any pool fence system. To be safe, it is required to open and close every time. It must be made to withstand the wear and tear of hundreds of uses per day, and the harshest summer and winter conditions.
The double truss system of pool gates allows for tension fluctuations without the need for adjustments. A single pole or truss system would require constant adjustments. Combined with removing and reinstalling these gates, single pole pool gates increase the risk of gate failure.

The Strongest Pool Gates on the Market

Some companies still offer single pole pool-gate systems, despite their inferiority. Others have added certain modifications like reinforcement bars; however these are still inferior pool gates. Life Saver Pool Fence offers the only double truss square stock gate. Other double truss gates use round pool fence poles, which simply don’t compare with Life Saver’s double 1 ¼” aluminum heavy gauge square stock poles.
Life Saver’s gates use the most aluminum in fabrication in the industry; not sacrificing quality and strength for material cost. Supported on double-truss supports, the gate itself is framed on all four sides by square stock aluminum. No other gate has as much support and all components (hinges and lock) sit on flat surfaces, ensuring proper fit. The gate is finished using 12/12 mill. Textilene mesh and the bottom of its frame sits 1 ½” off the ground.

The Most Attractive Pool Gates on the Market

This may only be our opinion, but the Life Saver Arched Gate is not just the strongest pool gate on the market, but it is also the most attractive. Pool gates are not only the most used part of the pool fence, they’re generally the center of the fence. With a Life Saver pool gate installed by Safe Solutions of New England, you can count on a quality installation of the best quality and best looking pool gates on the market!

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