Safe Solutions of New England Installs 105 Ft of 3′ High Black Mesh Safety Fence On A Steep Landscaped Area

Client Name and How They Found Us:Brookline Installation Safe Solutions

The client’s name was Ellie M. who is a repeat customer.


Brookline, MA

Was There An On-Site Evaluation:

Yes, we conducted an on-site evaluation and installed their fence on April 8, 2019.

What Was the Scope of Work?

As mentioned previously Ellie was a previous customer. Pool Fence Safe Solutions had previously done childproofing for her in her family’s Boston condo.  Ellie recently moved to Brookline and had me childproof her new home before the family moved in. During the childproofing, we did numerous gates and latches in the home.  It was then that Ellie mentioned that their new home had a steep wall in the backyard and asked me about how to protect her kids from falling off of it.

Brookline Installation - Safe SolutionsWhile their backyard is initially flat, there are stairs that lead up to a steep sloped landscaped area.  The wall at the bottom of the slope is about 15 feet high from the initial flat area. After evaluating the area we suggested installing one of our mesh pool fences, which work wonderfully as a safety fence for situations exactly like Ellie’s, who thought it would be a perfect solution.  Ellie had originally looked into installing a permanent wrought iron fence, but it was extremely pricey and was going to cost well over $10k. Her main concern wasn’t about her kids trying to climb over the fence but was rather about one of them inadvertently slipping and falling from the steeply sloped area.  For this reason, we decided on a 3′ high safety fence.

What Type of Fence Was Installed?

Life Saver Pool Fence made a specialty order 3′ high, 105-foot long fence back mesh safety fence with black 105 poles. The 105 pole is perfect for this fence because of their strength. They are strong enough that they won’t even break if a child tumbled down the hill into the fence.  

Were There Any Challenges To This Job?NE Brookline Installation Safe Solutions

The install was not particularly challenging in a technical sense, however, it was a bit disconcerting drilling on the edge of a 15 ft high wall in the rain. Despite this, we love solving problems for our customers and are always ready to take on a challenge. We enjoy when the customer is extremely pleased with the product and the install.

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