Safe Solutions of New England Installs 4′ High All-Black Safety Fence in North Attleborough, MA


North Attleborough, MA 

Client Name:

Moni K. who found us through a Google search. 

Was There An On-Site Evaluation:

Yes, we provided a FREE on-site evaluation to the client. Both the on-site evaluation and a removable mesh pool fence installation were completed on November 1, 2019. 

What Was the Scope of Work?

For this particular installation, the homeowner had just moved into the home 2 days prior. The pool in the backyard did have a winter pool cover on. However, the cover was old, sagging and had multiple rips. 

The couple has 2 kids, ages 1.5 and 3 years old, and the parents were fearful that the cover was not adequate protection at this time. Not only was this a valid fear, the parents were right in their thought process to immediately put up a protective pool fence barrier due to the young ages of their children.

On the day of the installation, it was the first time the parents let their children have access to the backyard. While we were going over the final layout of the fence, the children had to be constantly redirected away from the pool as they had no concept of not walking on the cover that was in disrepair. It was very stressful for all.

What Type of Fence Was Installed?

For this installation, we installed a 4 ft high black mesh/black poles pool fencing, with an arched self-latching self-closing gate.

Were There Any Challenges To This Job?

The most challenging part of this install was the dire nature of it, as we were actively able to see the family’s children were at risk and could easily access the pool. The installation itself went smoothly and at the end of the day, the parents could rest assured they had made their new home safer for their family.  

Safe Solutions of New England services all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont providing homeowners with high-quality pool fence installations. We take great pride in partnering with homeowners to make their homes a safer place for their families especially those with young children. If you live in North Attleborough, MA and need to install a pool safety fence, contact us today! You will learn more about our top-rated safety fences and professional childproofing services as you speak with our pool safety expert. Call (877) 606-7233 or contact us online for your FREE on-site estimate.


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